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February 24, 2013 by owe2013

“Hello to you out there in normal land”

When you’re still in the process of casting & crewing and acquiring props & locations it can be very difficult to visually sell the idea of your film to anyone, especially if you want to try and attract interest early on in your film making journey. How do you get across the specific look and feel you’re going for? An amazing teaser poster normally does the trick. Which is why, two months ahead of our main shoot date, last Sunday (17th February 2013) me and actor Mike Baughan (who is playing the two lead roles of Andy and Mr. P) headed over to Harbourne in Birmingham to do a photoshoot with awesome photographer and designer Sean Strong for a teaser poster for Own Worst Enemy.

Sean’s got a very unique style and I’ve been a fan of his work for a few years, but have never had either the budget or right project for me to be able to work with him. Thankfully on this project all the stars aligned and we’ve been able to collaborate this time around.

Prior to the shoot me and Sean had worked out pretty much exactly what we wanted from the poster and with Mike totally invested in each character, knowing what to bring to each one, we sailed the shoot.

What was great was, despite the fact that me and Mike have been rehearsing the script and developing the characters since last October, this was the first time that Mike had properly embodied either character with the costumes and posture with a need to perform (or in this case pose).

I’ve seen the photos from the shoot and they look amazing in their unedited form. Sean is currently working away on the poster and I can’t wait to see it and get it out there. Stay tuned!

Check out Sean’s work at:

To see more behind the scenes photos from the shoot, head over to our Facebook Page.

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