On Set: Make Up


June 9, 2013 by owe2013

“Hello to you out there in normal land!”

As promised, some insights from the filming of “Own Worst Enemy” from some of our cast and crew. First up a few words from our lovely make-up team Sam Wilson and Tania Ashworth.



“Working with the cast and crew of ‘Own Worst Enemy’ has been a fantastic experience. Mike Baughan, who plays both Mr. P and Andy, is such a character, keeping everyone in high spirits after 10 hour filming sessions. Changing from Andy’s make up to Mr. P’s make up and back again continuously throughout the day was a great challenge. It’s also been a wonderful opportunity for me to see how everything looked through the camera lens.” – Sam


“Mathew Waters, who played Perry Chambers, came to the set for a few days to have some special effects make up applied to portray a dead body.” – Sam


“Doing Perry’s dead body make-up and seeing how it looked on screen was an amazing experience.” – Tania


“Making him look as though he had been strangled looked so good it even gave me the creeps.” – Sam


“A great two and a half weeks with lots of coffee and sugary snacks, a few pound heavier, but it was all worth it. Many thanks to Phil and his team” – Sam

“Thank you to all the cast and crew who made us feel like a family for the opportunity. I can’t wait to get back on set” – Tania


One thought on “On Set: Make Up

  1. Yes. I enjoyed my few days on the set at Lickey. Good luck to all. – Ivor

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