Our Not Quite 2 Week Shoot!

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June 4, 2013 by owe2013

“Hello to you out there in normal land!”

So, we made it through our 2 week shoot and managed (well were forced to) add another few days into the mix to try and catch up as we fell behind.

The shoot was great. Everyone was great. We had a great time. The footage we have is great. It’s all great apart from one thing… (further details about the greatness will be covered in future blogs).

When I handed Mike Baughan a 69 page draft of Own Worst Enemy back in October 2012 I told him we could easily film it in 10 days as it took place all in one location and had just 5 actors.

Between Oct 2012 and the beginning of May 2013 during several redrafts of the script some bright spark (me) managed to add another 30+ pages of madness to the proceedings but failed to add any more days to the schedule…

After the first week we were clearly very behind. We’d had a bit of bad luck that had hampered a few days and cost us quite a lot of time, but overall we were falling behind because we wanted to spend more time than we could afford getting the scenes right. It paid off massively as what we’ve got is fantastic.

The end of week 1 though, we had to make a decision;  (a) pick up the pace for week 2 – which would mean filming 15 pages a day. This would also mean that the consistency of the film would go down. It had been worth spending the extra time getting the scenes right, we didn’t want to rush through the next week just to stay on schedule. (b) add in some more days – time is money, or (c) just see what we could get in the time we had and worry about it all later.


We tried a combination of (a) and (b). We worked our rest days, added a few more to the end of the shoot and started filming with two cameras to double the output. Even then we still came up short. Fortunately, we filmed room to room in Andy’s “bungalow” which meant that any alterations to any rooms from now until we return for more
filming wouldn’t matter. We’ve now got just hallway scenes, kitchen scenes and our one and only exterior shot still left to do. To make this happen though we need to spend a bit of time raising a bit more money to get the location & equipment, so if you missed out on securing a DVD, imaginary friend or film credit on our last crowd funding expedition, you’re in luck – we’re going to launch another to complete phase 2 of filming, so stay tuned. We’ll be adding different perks this time as well as the popular ones from last time.

In the meantime, we’ve got more than enough footage to not only start editing the film, but to also cut together a trailer as well as having done some more photoshoots to launch some more posters so we’ve got plenty to be keeping ourselves busy and plenty of stuff to get ready to show you.

More blogs…

Films are of course made by a whole host of different people with different skills and different perspectives on the whole process. I’ve asked (and shall continue to ask) several of our amazing cast and crew to contribute blogs about their experiences making the film so far. A couple of very interesting entries already in which I’ll look forward to posting soon so do come back for more!

Philip Pugh

Photography courtesy of Ben Wilkins

More photos available on our Facebook page

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